Reliable Air Conditioning Repairs

Keep Yourself and Your Passengers Comfortable All Year Long

When driving in all areas, we run into all different unique climates. So when your car has been damaged in an accident the air conditioning system must work properly for you.

We know how to make sure it is back to the factory specs once it is repaired. The people here will tell you if you, "Don't like the weather? Don't worry, it will change." We have temperatures from 0° to over 100°. We are familiar with all types of air conditioner, heater, and climate control systems that have been damaged in an auto accident.

Some people say that car and truck air conditioners and heaters are luxury items but those people are freezing in the winter and sweating in the summer. Let us repair it correctly when we repair other parts of your vehicle that have been damaged.

We have trained technicians. Training and keeping up with technology as it changes is very important and we stay aware of technology as it changes. We see a lot of people charging air conditioner systems here. Other auto body places have no idea how much (or little) refrigerant they should be adding. It is very easy to overcharge and damage the air conditioning system in a modern car or truck.

Quality repairs require proper equipment. You can trust us to work on your vehicle. Regardless of what issue you may have with your car, our experts will come up with an affordable, effective solution. Contact Jay's Auto Body Collision Specialists, Inc today.
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